Gravure Printing Cylinder

Capitol Gravure original business began with conventional gravure printing cylinders. Over the years Capitol has embarked on a continuing research and development program coupled with conservative business expansion under the leadership of our 2 founders and Managing Directors, Mr Kuah Chee San and Mr Wan Leong Wah.

Over four decades of experiences behind us in high precision and geometric tolerances, high chrome and engraved quality cylinders whether shafted or hollow, we deliver exceptional print performance cylinders in the shortest time. Gravure printing cylinders is what we started off doing since 1969 and who else in Asia would know the business of making top quality engravings and the right specifications with the right designs than we do.

With more than 3 decades in tobacco and luxury packaging, with prestigious international printers like Amcor, New Toyo, Sampoerna, Bentoel, TCPL and great many others, choosing CAPITOL GRAVURE couldn't be wrong. We are however selective with our clients, only the best and the aspire-to-be-the-best will partner us.

Electronic Engraving Is NOT DEAD Yeat.

Not When You Have Xtreme Features in Helio Setup.

CAPITOL has some of the latest HELIOKLISCHOGRAPH electronic engravers with some of them as new as under 2 years.

One of the MOST USEFUL features is the XTREME Engraving, where linework can look so sharp without the saw-tooth effect in fact it looks like a Laser letter. Although engraving time is longer by as much as 4x the conventional feature, its high contour and high print density is great for fine-lines and text.

With Conventional


XTREME Engraving