Next-To-The-Real Thing

Done on the actual substrate with actual inks and actual emboss/deboss and hot-foil finish, complete with cellophane wrap and tear tape, our mock-up is Next-To-The-Real thing. Even inner frame inserts and inner wrapping and mock cigarette sticks complete with tipping paper can be done. It is the perfect presentation to your marketing department for evaluation, marketing decisions and final product confirmation.



One of the main challenges to our customer in turning an artwork into print is always the question of design machine-ability.  “Can the design and its effects be achieved on prints?” This is the constant question of concern to our client’s product development and marketing team and we understand these concerns.

Thus Capitol facilities combined with Zedgepac artwork adaptation and development capabilities provide client an option for Short-Run Mockups Production services where barrel proof printed mockups with optional emboss/deboss/hotfoil effect may be possible for marketing presentation. This gives our client a R&D platform in our premise and we have the skill people to help project manage this task.