Design Trial Barrel Proofing

Trial and Mock-ups for Real Effect





One of the main challenges to our customer in turning an artwork into print is always the question of design machine-ability. “Can the design and its effects be achieved on prints?” This is the constant question of concern to our client’s product development and marketing team and we understand these concerns.

This gives our client a R&D platform in our premise and we have the skill people to help project manage this task. Capitol’s Barrel Proofing [BP] which is 85 ~ 90% closer to actual print. We have electrostatic system installed on the barrel proofing so that dot missing can be avoided and transfer can be better.

Capitol works very closely with ink manufacturers for right solutions. During the barrel proofing key stake holders including inks manufacturer, printer, designer and packaging in charge from the company  are  present  to approve the job. All  pre-works  before  finalisation of design, reviews, ink specifications substrate are meticulously studied and approved depending on the types of finishes and effects required.

All multinationals give high importance to Barrel Proofing and actual cylinders are only manufactured If the results of Barrel Proofing are closer to standards required.