Ceramic + high density laser cells

Why compromise quality and precious production time for a cheap, fast wearing CERAMIC ROLLERS when it is meant to out-last many times more than a chromed anillox?

Or why do you have to settle for a long incoming shipment delivery time because you need to buy a quality CERAMIC ANILOX outside of Asia?

The wait is over! Premium CERAMIC ANILOX is here in MALAYSIA, and thus a far SHORTER LEAD-TIME to anywhere in ASIA.




Our precision CERAMIC ANILOX are manufactured in-house with imported USA Ceramic Spray Coatings technology for un-compromise surface finishing. Service life is greatly enhanced with a surface hardness of more than 1350HV. Uniform print and coating distributions, uniform doctor blade metering allowing smooth evenness result. The surface can be further treated with a high resistance non-permeable and low porosity finish especiallly aggressive ink applications. This boost durability and uniform ink transfer.

Cell Shape for Ceramic Anilox Roller

With High Definition Laser Engraving Cells, our Anilox Transfer Technology with its unconventional cell technology may be developed for improved definition and long continuous print-runs with enhanced print lay coverage and long printing-span on our CERAMIC coated anilox.

Our CERAMIC ANILOX offers smooth even print with better ink release free of ink spitting and pinholes.

Our facilities can accommodate very long roller width of up to 2 over meters in length. The high definition laser is capable of many cells configuration with Screen Count ranging from 15 to 1500 LPI. We are equipped with BCM volume tester and checking devices to ensure accurate reproduction.

Some of the applications maybe:

  1. Flexo
  2. Full Coatings, Varnish and Lamination rolls
  3. Corrugated Glue Coating
  4. Corrugated Packaging Printing
  5. Aseptic packaging print
  6. Printed Electronics
  7. Non-Woven ink transfer roll
  8. UV Ink Printing